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Recovering a New Gift

   Even though we truly are all powerful, spiritual, electro-magnetic beings, our Auras, (energy fields) pick up lower frequencies as we go about our day. When lower vibrations attach to us, (if we don't  clear them)  they might manifest into the physical, causing discomfort, and pain, then drain us. Also, there are those souls who intentionally try to do harm to others. One way is through direct energy attacks. That's why it's important to clear all these frequencies off ourselves, and often.

  I am Julie Kathleen, and I can heal energetically as well as give True Source Readings to those in need of help from higher sources. I connect to God whom I call True Source so as to keep communication clear with The One. I have always been a sensitive. I feel frequencies from stones, plants, people and surroundings. When I was young, this confused me and was a reason for suffering until I understood what was happening.

  Throughout my life I have chosen various methods of making a living. Those most satisfying were related to health and healing. It is my decision now, to offer this way to help everyone, that brings me greatest joy.

  I give you energy healing utilizing the Ancient Art of Dowsing and Sacred Geometry-- to lift the harmful frequencies off you. Sensitivities to connections with Higher Realms to get answers for your life..

Energy Healing at the Deepest Levels


These sessions remove energy blocks to our well-being. Using Sacred Geometry, and Dowsing we find out the origin of the problem, then clear unseen energetic attacks, witchcraft and sorcery, Entities, EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies),  and a variety of dangerous stressors. 

Those are just a few of the clearings that could be necessary, as each person is different and everyone's experiences are not  the same. 

All these entities and energy attachments create havoc in our lives and wear us down, causing discomfort and a feeling of "unwell" that we can't define. 

This modality assists us with healing ourselves and our lives energetically. And even after just one session, many clients notice a difference in how they feel. 

Some things might be more involved and could take more than one session. However.  "Better and lighter" is usually what clients say after a session. 

I encourage you to experience this for yourself. 

True Source readings-Asking God


When giving readings, I create sacred space. True Source is actually a group of 3 Sources. Each one is from it's own Multiverse. Together they form a group called "True Source". For answers to questions or concerns, insight into lifepath or purpose, and help with issues you may be facing. 

A True Source Reading session is where I'm conveying answers from your questions.

All concerns about your life, what direction to take, immediate worries, or you just need answers to some confusion, this is the session to schedule.

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I have the privilege of knowing Julie through working with her, her teachings of spirituality, and, definitely the most knowledgeable person in this field of quantum healing.  I highly recommend this kind, loving soul, to teach you so many things about this. She’s very dedicated and wants to share her knowledge with all. One of the best!! 




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