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In The Light of My New Beginnings

I am a person who is not inclined to standard operating procedures. I tend to gravitate towards the unusual and more eclectic side of things. Whenever I find that life presents a twist in circumstances, I must go with the flow of the energy. That said, I am now writing books and giving free energy healings to those in need.  

I am an intuitive person who is sensitive to frequencies.   

The energy that is all around us is the energy of life and I feel those frequencies more than the average person. No matter what the situation, if energy is involved, it’s going to be felt by me.

I am honored to be of service to humanity in this regard and I look forward to writing a great deal of books for the planet for healing.

Energy Healing

These are meant to facilitate a higher awareness of one's self. I am using the method of healing that is in line with Reiki and is totally up to the person whether they feel that they need to heal or not. I provide the opportunity for growth for the person to return to who they are. Every session is the same and is not for replacing medical advice


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I have the privilege of knowing Julie through working with her, her teachings of spirituality, and, definitely the most knowledgeable person in this field of quantum healing.  I highly recommend this kind, loving soul, to teach you so many things about this. She’s very dedicated and wants to share her knowledge with all. One of the best!! 



I found out about Julie through a friend, who had some healing energy work done and felt much better after his session. So, I scheduled. I think after that experience, I can say I believe she is connecting to the True Source!

Mandy F.


Nowhere had a healing site that could help my problem. Looking online, I found out about this and called. She has the best method for helping a person and I will schedule with her again, soon.

Geoff P.